a secret garden – no children allowed (Utah computer-naughtiness law)


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Utah recently passed a law that requires all internet-capable devices to have rule-34 blocking. It will be possible to turn the blocking off with a password (that, presumably, only mom or dad knows), but they want it to be on by default.

The headline notes that the law does not seem to be fully, ahem, fleshed-out, and it will not take effect unless at least five other states pass similar laws. And, of course, there is the technical aspect: what constitutes objectionable content and who gets to decide that? (We have one TV channel with an automatic caption filtering system that even blocks things like "rocky racxxxx".)

The real question is, what happens if someone under 18 is exposed to salacious material? In Utah, they are firmly of the opinion that such material is harmful to children, but how so? I understand that ignorance is bliss, but the result of keeping children in the dark leads to stuff like The Loophole (caution: this Garfunkel & Oates song is explicitly gross).

"Your" children are the adults I have to deal with in the future, so I prefer "you" [the generic "you") not raise them stupid.
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