ANTIFA UNITE!! There are now cards. Well, no, not really. But SOMEBODY now believes they have cards & uniforms.


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Devious Antifa bastards got this poor woman's husband fired. How dare they force him to act like an asshole!


thanks for the link.

that video is really revealing as to the psyche of people who oppose the concept of people on the left banding together in civil action.

that video shows a woman sitting in her car, making a video of herself, crying that her husband was fired from his job due to his aggressive actions of accosting a reporter during a rally.

she is crying and says she wants her mom.
she says she just wants to stay where she is - inside her car - until someone comes to get her (note the video of her in the car crying was made several days after the rally - so she is not threatened in any way at the time when she made the video).

my point is this:

her life is collapsing in on her.
the premises that her parents built for her and that she continues to use in order to shape her world - these premises are facing challenge to their legitimacy from a society that is demanding change to make it more equal and just. she just can't deal with that.

i think for this woman to survive she will become more radicalized towards the groups that hate.
she is well past the point in her life (age and education and upbringing) that would allow her to be able to challenge herself and see through the issues.
going further down the rabbit hole of avoiding responsibility is her only out.
she can't admit clearly that her husband's actions deserved his job termination. so she will make excuses and blame what she calls Antifa for this.

i dont feel sorry for her.
i do feel sorry for the generations to come which will need to confront more and more people like her.

that one little video you gave us shows the psychological morass we are dealing with.
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