Apple Sillicon behind in GPU both RT and Raster and Pref/$.


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This is because Apple uses a better node. TSMC 5nm is very good and RTX 3000 uses Samsung 8nm. We should wait and see how the RTX 4000 and RX 7000 do as they will be based on 5nm from TSMC.

Hardly. 5nm is good, but it’s no magic. The node advantage can explain maybe 40% (if you want to be very generous). There is no way Nvidia will be able to gain perf/watt parity with Apple just by using 5nm. They would also need to do major reengineering of their GPU.

The reasons why Apple GPUs are so efficient are these:

- they are very streamlined and compact
- they run on a relatively low frequency compared to gaming GPUs
- they use TBDR and large caches which improve resource usage efficiency
- node advantage
- probably some circuit design sauce, cmeier might have better idea how a long vector ALU can be made run on lower power

Everything else you said I agree. But 3D and GFX has been Apple's area. They JUST made Metal better and added APIs that have been in PCs and Consoles for years.

Metal is pretty much cutting edge by any standard. The way how you are portraying it is highly manipulative. Sure, Metal 3 focused on closing some feature gaps to other API (most notably mesh shaders), but there are also things that Metal had for years and other APIs either don’t offer at all or only now catching up (e.g. templates, pointers, GPU-driven pipeline management).


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Apple's huge advantage in PPW is much more driven by microarchitecture than by node. This is true both in CPU and GPU (and ML and other custom accelerators).
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