Because Parler wasn't entertainment enough, now comes...Truth? From the former president


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There is sooooooooooooooo much to unpack there.

One, why anyone posts what a 45 spokesperson says anything 45 related is worth is beyond me. The man is literally being investigated for wildly lying about the worth of his properties on loan applications & federal documents. What 45 says something is worth & reality are two different completely things dependent on whether he's trying to grift or sell something, or whether he owes taxes he of course doesn't want to pay.

45 calling anything related to him "Truth", feels like a wink & a nudge to your eye while he defecates on the word, while he believe he's laughing at someone who's too stupid to realize.

The only thing about "Truth" that seems true, is the honestly involved that it isn't saying it's objective. It's a completely one sided platform that the former 2X impeached president will dictate it's values. Declaring you will have "non-woke" material ( whatever that is ) is the declaration of not objective.

Perfectly in keeping though. A modern would be dictator would want their own social media platform to control & dictate all content, that revolves around them.
That’s the way inversi works, using symbolic language that is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve In a continuous stream of manipulation campaigns. Republicans have been doing this forever, things like The Patriot Act, CRT, something like The Fair Voting Act, you know, be fair and let us steal your voting rights so we can win. You need a bunch of dummies to make this work…hmm. :unsure:
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