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Reflections After The Trump Trajedy 2021
Now that it’s the aftermath of the Trump plague (fingers crossed), it’s very interesting the support Donald Trump got from organized Christian religions and Christians themselves. How could this possibly be?

It’s like inviting the Wolf to preside over the sheep, or the Fox to guard the hen house. So much for Christian judgement at least as far as the leaders who broke bad for Trump. Were they wise, with good judgement or just flawed, corrupt seekers of power? I mean who invites Beelzebub to be an inspiration for your church? 👀

Most revealing is a simple fact that most Christians either do not want to acknowledge that during his life of all the things that Jesus was reported as saying in the gospels, he never said believe in me or you’ll go to hell, nor did he ever advocate a split from Judaism. If you want to take him at his word he never said, Judiasm has it all wrong about God, create a new church in my name, and while your at it make up some new rules that differentiates Christianity from Judaism, with my blessing.

So this man was a Jew fighting for everyday people, and imo, what we have here is just another chapter of men trying to rule and hold power over others based on one of the historical sources of power among ancient humans, the diety who lives in the sky and becoming God’s mouthpiece, for fun, power, control, and personal wealth, It was those who came after Jesus, Catholic the first, who decided to cash in and create a new church in the continuous struggle for their personal power over the sheep. Thoughts?


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All that matters to them is that abortion is vilified.
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