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In 2017 I purchased a Serta i5000 iComfort Mid Back Office Chair. It's quite comfortable and came with a 10 year limited warranty. What discovered today is that the 10 warranty is a manufacturer's warranty, and not by Serta, but by a third party licensed company using the Serta name, True Innovations.

I also discovered that the warranty covers mechanical parts, but not fabric which is only a 1 year warranty. When I purchased this for $320, thought I was buying a leather chair, but it turns out the arm rests are faux leather and one of them decided to dissolve. The other arm is perfectly normal, the left arm, the fake leather has come off leaving a solid backing material underneath. The chair is still functional and comfortable, but I am irritated and may never buy another Serta brand chair again. The take away is that extended limited warranties if offered are not for fabric and be sure to verify that when you buy leather, it is real leather.. šŸ˜ Note I believe the seating and back part are real leather.

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