Cyberwar In Our Futures, Already Happening?


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The US definitely needs to up its game. A steady stream of attacks are occurring, some of them hitting infastructure. Russia and China appear to be the prime adversaries for the US, but there are other players internationally. I’m making this post from a US centric position as I am not familiar with what kind of cyber attacks are occurring in Europe. I’ll assume there are.

Sanctions are fine and dandy, but we need to protect our networks. The gas pipeline issue is the perfect example of a major attack And that was for ransom.

This is an interesting time for Congressional Republicans who used to be hawks regarding Russia and China, but when Donny crawled up their asses a switch appeared to flip in their brains. Reminds me of that parasite that tried to take over Star Fleet, except Donny succeeded... 🔥 😬

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