Florida Spring Break 2021 Insanity

shadow puppet

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Remember last year and how many Spring breakers took the virus home to their families? The viral video saying "If I get corona, I get corona", without a care in the world for themselves or anyone they may spread it to.


Flash forward to Spring break 2021:
Miami Beach has now declared a state of emergency over concern over large crowds of spring breakers gathering in the city.

The mind boggles at the stupidity. I get it. We're all sick to death of this virus and the effect it's had on our lives. But I am also sick and tired of selfish people. At least this round, we have some vaccinated people. But will it be enough?

Thomas Veil

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We live in a society...

...where people go to Miami Beach to dress up like the Joker and take Covid home with them.

They actually closed the beaches down here to spring breakers. Takes care of a lot of problems. They’re actually considering making it a permanent “no spring break visits” theme to promote family visits. I like it.
I've heard in some beach cities they price the hotel rooms out of the reach of most college age people during spring break. Seems to work for them.
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