Friendly neighbor sends gay bashing mail to gay neighbors


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He signed the couple up for a subscription to the Boston Globe, but the men already had a subscription. The paper sent them back the order request, made under the name “Michelle Fruitzey,” a play on the couple’s real names. The subscription request was handwritten.

Admittedly, I find this hilarious. It amuses me that he would pay for a subscription, just to take a jab at their name.

“Thanks for taking a look, neighbors,” McLean said when he posted the story of what was happening along with a photo of the subscription card on a local neighborhood website. He quipped that the “joke is on them. What gay guy doesn’t want free issues of Vogue and Cosmopolitan?”

I don't understand this part. Why would men have any interest in those? (Also, why would women for that matter?)

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To a lesser degree this kind of reminds me of my parents' old elderly neighbor's husband. My parents have always been friendly with their neighbors and this neighbor was friendly with them, but one day they got served with a permit violation off a structure they build in their backyard. This wasn't them being shady. This was the contractor not taking care of it and they weren't even aware. It was this friendly neighbor who called it in. We still have no idea why. I really don't understand this kind of closeted passive-aggressiveness.

And when I say my parents are neighbor-friendly, I don't mean just waving from the driveway. I mean having meals at each other's houses and in this case helping them out because they had elderly help needs. My parents actually helped them out more than their own kids did. They are no longer neighbors because both passed away.
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