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The Helix sure looks very colurful and cool but id worry it lying in the floor . The venues here are sometimes shoebox esque and many punters get shit faced and like to grab a mic and show us how good they can do Johnny cash. I have a GTpro and a Rocktron outa site ..the only piece exposed to atrack is the Fc200 ..thankfully its not been hit yet . My buddy uses the Helix without a backline..but I need to hear and feel live . your Helix sure does sound amazing though Eric !


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Hello G101-ers and GB refugees :) I downsized my backline and bought a Helix LT in october 2017. It was quite a learning curve and I even bought some professional patches by Glenn Dulane which was worth it so I could see what was different from mine, ie too much gain!! :) Jason sadites also made life a lot clearer with his excellent youtube channel.

Once I went fully in ear monitoring it made a massive difference, especially turning up to a gig with a gig bag and a rucksack, not a car full of amps and backline. And the sound was amazing.
Sadly I haven't used the hardware since december 2019 for various reasons and now I just use the Helix Native VST plugin, which is pretty much identical in sound anyway.

Its an amazing unit and well worth a try out.
So you had in ear monitoring and just ran your Helix through the PA for live gigs? That does seem to make sense, couldn't imagine showing up without an amp lol.


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So you had in ear monitoring and just ran your Helix through the PA for live gigs? That does seem to make sense, couldn't imagine showing up without an amp lol.
Its the Future!! :) Fly date gigs became big business about 5 years ago with the Helix and similar form factor modeler FX units. Get on a plane with the few essentials in a backpack and a guitar that fits in the over head locker and you're golden. no long drives, overnight stays etc. I was never at that level (but we did open the Isle of Wight Festival on the second stage 3 years running starting in 2012).

IEM solutions are great, provided you have sufficient AUX Busses on your Desk/PA (most digital mixers can do this). We had a Behringer X32 Producer desk and it worked out really well for our 9 piece band - each of us had our own personal monitor feeds.

Although I originally didn't get on with the IEMs - I tried a wireless LD system, and a Shure wireless system both were noisy, compressed, flat sounding and dropped out from time to time. And tried a couple of wired solutions too which were chunky belt pack things with leads going everywhere :) I settled on a mic stand mounted, P16-M wired, 16 channel personal mixer with a headphone out jack. This was a game changer. Stereo sound, uncompressed and clear, real time adjustments and the ability to take the bloody keys and the horns out of my ears completely! And the noise cancelling buds meant it wasn't deafening. I even started singing and playing in key ;)

One thing to consider is you won't hear the audience unless you set up a mic for that purpose. So it can be a bit odd when you first try ;)
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