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Man jailed after having sex with chickens

A man has been jailed for three years for having sex with his own pet chickens while his wife filmed him. Care worker Rehan Baig was described as "depraved, despicable and perverted" for the animal abuse that "would make any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach".
Baig, 37, abused the chickens in the basement of the home he shared with wife Haleema, 38, who also featured in footage of the abuse, Bradford Crown Court heard. The videos - recorded using a GoPro camera - were saved under the file name "family vids". At one stage Baig alternated between having intercourse with his wife and the chickens, the court was told.
How do you even..........???


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Maybe he can finally answer the question of which came first?

A key question, the answer to which may pose a considerable challenge.

As a very small child, (just starting primary school) my brother was told the story of Adam and Eve.

The trouble was, the version he had heard at home (told by my mother in a carolling sing-song) was a bit different, which went as follows: "Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me went down to the sea for a swim. Adam and Eve got drowned. Who was saved?"

When the teacher had finished the better-known version of this well known story, a bit bothered, somewhat puzzled, and quite indignant, he put up his hand and asked: "What about Pinch-Me? You didn't mention Pinch-Me," who was, of course, quite central to the version he had heard at home.

The teacher sought further clarification, and (when telling my parents this story, some time later), upon receiving it, admitted to having become helpless with laughter.

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This reminds me of an app I had that tells you stupid or way outdated laws that are still on the books. Looks like this can be removed from the list. Maybe this guy is a crime hipster.
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