Idiot in CVS not wearing a mask


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Yeah, great climate over on that side of the bridge, too funny that you mention the way people dress there even though you can still freeze your ass off. I remember coming down from Oregon once, where it was 14 degrees in the winter, to the city where it was 50 and foggy and it felt so much colder for some reason.

Me and my buddy like to take our wives to the casino up near Rohnert Park, it's really a nice area. Are you still in CA? If not, you've probably enjoyed a summer without smoke filling your lungs for 2 months straight lol.

I have a place in the desert so split time between there and the Twin Cities.

I left the Bay in ‘99. Rohnert Park and Cotati has certainly changed since I was there in the early 80’s.
One of my bros lived in Petaluma for awhile, hated leaving the West Coast, same as I did after awhile out there... but the need to finish school back East was starting to nudge him towards packing up to make a January term start. I remember he eventually flew with some connecting flights into Albany in the worst sort of weather, and I got to hear him mumble about it for the two hour crawl through the slipppery slidey hills to my place for a brief visit before his classes would begin down in NYC. "Welcome to winter..." always a shock coming back from the West Coast in that season.
Lol...poor guy! I grew up in Iowa. The winter driving there is worse than the TC. Up here it gets colds and stays cold. In Iowa the temp fluctuates from zero (F) to freezing. We were always driving on ice there. Terribly stressful. Not much ice up here in enemy Gopher territory.

Speaking of Petaluma, I had remote involvement in the Polly Klaas case. As beautiful as Petaluma and the Petaluma Valley is it’s difficult thinking of one without the other.
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