If Chauvin had murdered a pretty blond white lady from the suburbs with an Oxycontin addiction would Republicans be more likely to convict?

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Probably, because their poll response is racist as hell. But then again I know a few people who seem to think that the cops are never in the wrong—who would say, “Well, she must have done something to have it come out this way.”


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Not necessarily. Men kill women daily, and their actions are frequently shrugged off, explained away or are excused.

To my mind, gender would only arise (as a motivation for conviction) in such a situation if Chauvin himself was black, if he was was African-American, or, if the lady was both white and - and the "and" is of considerable importance here - impeccably middle class.

To me, the more interesting question arises when we take a look at that Venn diagram intersection of ultimate privilege: White, male, and middle class.

Now, if Chauvin had killed someone who was 1) white, 2) male, and 3) middle class, then, yes, we might see some expression of Republican outrage.
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