Interview with lone Trump supporter in DC on inauguration day

Chew Toy McCoy

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Have to say by Trump supporter standards he seems quite reasonable, or at least somebody you could sit down with and talk about your concerns, possibly some shared, and how to compromise. Some key points for me were he disagreed with pandering to the religious right instead of economic issues and doesn't fear a Biden administration but feels it will get more done for the Biden base than the polar opposite Trump base. More mics should have been put in front of this guy for the last 4 years.

Thomas Veil

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I agree with your assessment, though I think it’s interesting he’s still hanging onto Trump, as if Trump was poorly served by the people around him, instead of being truly incompetent himself.

This man seems to be one of those souls who is looking for a visionary outside the party system but doesn’t yet realize that Trump isn’t it.

Still, he sounds a lot saner than 90% of the red hats.
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