its like the iran-iraq war only better


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The Misty Mountains
Donald J Trump, the MOST high profile, heinously corrupt elected US politician of our lifetimes. Are we going to let this 💩💩💩 walk? After his defeat, that remains to be seen, and as a cynic of how past Presidents have been treated, I’d say unlikely, but here is too hoping The Southern District of New York goes Pompeii on his ass.🤞

Obamagate, a house of smoke and mirrors constructed by Trump and the Forces of Darkness to hand out spike Koolaid to the suckers. Here, try some, putrid orange is especially tasty. 🤢

The way Trump felons have been let off the hook by the machinations of this corrupt regime is especially alarming as it rubber stamps criminality in the name of foreign influence and traitors in our midst as long as Supreme Leader benefits. đź‘ż
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Exactly, if Democrats take control back of everything there will be a lot of finger pointing then soul searching going on in the Republican party.
Depends on which Republican party you're talking about. The Jeb Bush-Michael Steele crowd, maybe, because they will have to figure out a way to wrest back control of their party or form a third one. The MAGAts who call themselves Republicans...well, they're the result of the "soul-searching" that went on after they lost to Obama twice, and all they came up with is that they needed to embrace their inner fascist.
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