Ivanka as VP? Isn’t that, like, presidential incest or something?

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Washington Post: Trump considered daughter Ivanka as 2016 vice presidential pick, according to book by former campaign aide

President Donald Trump floated his daughter Ivanka Trump as a vice presidential running mate during the 2016 election, according to a report by The Washington Post on Monday.

Citing an upcoming book by former Trump deputy campaign chair Rick Gates, "Wicked Game," that will be published October 13, The Post reported that during discussions about selecting a running mate, then-Republican presidential candidate Trump said to a group of top campaign aides, "I think it should be Ivanka. What about Ivanka as my VP?"

"She's bright, she's smart, she's beautiful, and the people would love her!," he added, according to the newspaper.

The presidential candidate was so keen to the idea of Ivanka as a vice presidential pick and "cool to other options, including his eventual selection of then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, that his team polled the idea twice," The Washington Post reported. Ivanka told her father it was not a good idea and Trump chose Pence after the then-governor gave a "vicious and extended monologue" about former President Bill Clinton and Trump's 2016 rival Hillary Clinton at a breakfast event.
So he was already thinking about setting up a dynasty, huh?


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since we all understand trump's motivating factors quite clearly, this would have been trump's insurance that after he left office he would be pardoned for federal crimes.

on the other hand, lets talk about a different president suggesting that his daughter or son become the candidate for VP...
i am ok with this idea actually. its definitely nepotism. but im still ok with it.
if JFK had wanted Bobby to run as his VP candidate.
if Bush 41 wanted Bush 43 to run as his VP candidate.
these are the kinds of choices that would be "normal". normal only in the sense that the relative was already in public service.
but even if we hypothise about Clinton suggesting non-public service Chelsea daughter as VP candidate, its still ok with me.
just that the american voter needs to see that it is clearly more different than the kennedy or bush examples. but that's a vote issue.

trump, donny jr, and ivanka have proven they are Grade-A-Prime-Cut-Grifters. so its fought with issues, but...im still ok with it.
make it a voter's issue upon which to make a decision.

of course, ivanka would have trademarked the White House logo, and marketed a Lincoln Bedroom sheets and pillow case line.


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It all boggles my mind. This country was founded by people who threw out a monarch.

How could a presidential candidate in the USA even imagine selecting his daughter as Vice President. Sure there have been presidents whose children eventually became president. But they were not designated as Vice Presidents in the meantime, nor did their eventual elections immediately succeed time in office of their respective fathers.

To me this revelation of Ivanka as a proposed "crown princess" pick for VP is just one more indication that, up front, Trump's whole thing was meant as a reality show, if possibly only to distract from the treacherous destruction of federal government from within that has proceeded to take place with Trump at the helm.

Oh I believe he'd like to be President for Life, but only because he gets it that the American president is "the most powerful man on earth" and he translated that the only way his whole background let him translate it: that he could do anything he liked, including run the presidency as a monarchy with Ivanka as crown princess.​

But maybe he's just always been having us on. Never expected to win, it freaked him out at first but he's gradually come to appreciate all the insulation of his grifting even though the job bores him. Clearly he just lets Hannity, Graham, McConnell, Stephen Miller, Mnuchin and Mark Meadows [edit: and Pompeo?] devise the expected public plays. And it's a blast for him to be able to while away the time in photo ops of EO signings, plus just owning the libs from his tweetbox and also trash-tweeting a grudge list as long as his neckties.

Or... maybe he's beholden to someone else, and playing the clown while doing a puppet master's bidding. In that case I could almost pity him, no matter how he ended up unable to get out of such a situation, but it's enraging to imagine he'd put our national security at that much risk, so I don't play with that idea in my head very often. It seems so unlikely that more people would not know of such a gig, and by now that we'd know of it too.


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The wording of the Constitution precludes the President and the VP from hailing from the same state. Where was the manikin residing in '16?
Interesting. That is a random factoid I did not know.
I had some notion a few years ago that Ivanka was better than her father in some ways, but I’ve come to believe she’s dumb as a stump and ethically devoid.
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