Millennials are about get their own "saint."


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I don't know if you guys have seen this news. I am not about to bash religion and it is extremely sad that this young man died from cancer. I thought the process for a person to become a "saint" as defined by Catholic Church was interesting -- although the bar seems to be a little lower these days.

Here's the weird thing though. Apparently you must have minimum of one miracle attributed to you to be beatified. It's like a yellow belt of sainthood, I guess. You need at least two miracles to become a saint. His first miracle? Healing some kid with a rare disease... and creating a website (although not considered to be a miracle; used programing). Healing a rare disease seems somewhat ironic given he died from a relatively rare disease.

Anyway... I thought the process of becoming a saint was interesting. It didn't sway me to embrace Catholicism. That in fact would be a miracle right there. Still, kind of interesting.



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I think of it more like lore, interesting stories and if scripture somehow give you guidance in your life then I have absolutely no problem with it. It's when they start injecting all the holy hokum, healing, miracles, etc. bullshit into it that I take issue with. As I've stated before, God giving the millionaire football player the ability to run the game winning touchdown while letting a child die a hideous painful death from cancer is just something I can't reconcile.
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