Money not only talks but jumps the line for covid vaccinations


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Well this is pretty disgusting. One could hope it would also turn up illegal enough to cost extra money to skate on any charges. But then this particular line jump is happening in Florida, in Palm Beach County, so who knows.

Wealthy donors received vaccines through Florida nursing home

The invitation to affluent Floridians arrived in writing and by telephone.

“He asked me if I wanted to have a vaccine,” said Ryna Greenbaum, 89, recounting the phone message she got last week. “I’m one of the people who has given him some money.”

The call, she said, had come from Keith Myers, chief executive of MorseLife Health System, a high-end nursing home and assisted-living facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., to members of the board and major donors.

MorseLife has made scarce coronavirus vaccines — provided through a federal program intended for residents and staff of long-term-care facilities — available not just to its residents but to board members and those who made generous donations to the facility, including members of the Palm Beach Country Club, according to multiple people who were offered access, some of whom accepted it. The precise number of invitations, and how many may have also gone to non-donors, could not be learned.

David Grabowski, a Harvard Medical School professor and nursing home researcher, called the vaccination of donors and facility board members “irregular.”

“That certainly sounds inconsistent with what CDC and other administration officials had in mind for prioritizing residents and caregivers of nursing homes,” he said. “There’s a reason nursing home residents were prioritized” over the general population of seniors, “based on their physical and cognitive impairments,” he said.

Suzanne Levine, 80, a board member of three MorseLife-affiliated entities, said her invitation had come in writing — also from Myers. She had heard complaints from donors that powerful people unaffiliated with MorseLife had received vaccines, she said.

“I heard some people say, ‘My goodness, people who never gave a dime to MorseLife got invited,’” she said. When asked how those people got invited, Levine said: “Friends.”
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