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Myanmar showing how it's done


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So, the current coup in Myanmar was ostensibly because of "fraud" at the election last November.

There were apparently ~22M votes cast in the 2010 elections. I can't find figures of expected/counted votes for either 2015 or 2020... but the "election commission" appointed by (you guessed it) the Junta claims to have found ELEVEN MILLION cases of fraud, without a single constituency without cases.

Sometimes in DIY you deliberately 'over build' because you're not 100% sure how much is enough. It's like these guys said "how much fraud do we need to claim" "uh, I dunno, finding a couple of thousand cases of deliberate fraud might be enough to validate our claims" "Fuck it, 50% it is".

This last sentence really puts some context on things, emphasis is mine:

Since the coup, the military government has detained former state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other prominent party members. She is currently on trial on a number of charges, ranging from owning unlicensed walkie-talkies to corruption and breaking the official secrets act.

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