COVID 19 nearly one in five COVID-19 patients later diagnosed with a mental illness


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an amazing study.

spread this news to the trumpists and young people.
maybe this will convince them they should wear a mask and social distance.

the article says the reasons for this are not conclusive, and could merely be caused because of the tremendous isolation and worrying that being infected with COVID-19 causes.


Thomas Veil

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I find this part interesting too.
The analysis...also found that people with a pre-existing mental health diagnosiswere 65% more likely to be diagnosed with Covid-19 than those without...
Is that because they’re more likely to be visiting a doctor and are therefore more likely to have a diagnosis picked up?

Does it mean that due to their mental state they’re less likely to practice safe distancing, hand washing and masking?

I suspect it’s largely the latter.
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