Never chase a porcupine...

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6,796 Lindsey Vonnā€™s dogs found out.

Lindsey Vonn's Dogs Learn a Painful Lesson After Chasing Porcupine: 'My Boys Got into Some Trouble'


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Catskill Mountains
The caretaker of my place up here when I was still downstate most of the time took a neighbor's young dog to the vet twice to have quills taken off its face... second time she took the critter home, she reasonably enough asked the owner if the dog was secured well when outside since it seemed to run off rather often and "this is what has happened to the poor thing twice now."

The owner of the dog snarled at her, grabbed the (new) leash out of her hand and slammed the door in her face after yanking the door indoors. As she turned to come back to my place, the caretaker heard the dog whimpering as it was beaten.

OK so the next time the dog ran off, the caretaker and my brother went up to the place with information only, i.e. that the dog was down at my place yet again... and they suggested that perhaps the dog would be better left in care of someone who would not beat it, and offered to take it to a shelter. "Because although we're not going to report your past cruelty, nor ask you to reimburse us for the money we paid twice now to have that animal cared for at the vet, we're not returning the dog to you again."

I don't know whom or what the guy resumed beating when he didn't have that dog any more, but he agreed to let us see to the animal's sheltering, and I was happy to see it a few weekends later on a leash in the village near there with a guy and two very excited kids in tow.

Still I must say dogs can be stupid about porcupines and skunks and such sometimes. That dog was sweet as honey but as dumb as the proverbial box of rocks when out on its own.
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