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Eight Miles from the Tysons Apple Store, No. VA

More of a forced panorama by cropping. I actually had this printed out large scale mounted and they put the hanging hook on the wrong side probably assuming I uploaded it upside down.

I've kept 2 locally caught mantids and both laid egg sacs. The females do that even if they aren't fertile. My first laid 4 and nothing. I still kept them in the enclosure because they are kind of cool decorative in the natural looking environment enclosure. The second only laid 2. I assumed the same and left them and then BAM! 2 months later 20 - 30 mantids hatched out of each. I was not prepared and while I do see them all as special snowflakes I have to report that a good part of them became food for the others. That's how nature works. I let about a dozen of them go in my parents' garden and I kept one through its life cycle, which is sadly only about a year.

A few years ago on Nikon Cafe, another forum where I hang out on a daily basis, a member in New Zealand found a Praying Mantis and since she apparently had a wounded foot, he brought her into the house to feed her and provide a little safe shelter, as winter was setting in.... Yeah, well, next thing you know, there were egg sacs on his draperies! And, yep, after that, he had a whole family of little mantises!!! LOL!!! He did manage to get them out of the house safely and into his garden and other places outdoors, but did keep the mother, whom he had named "Leftina" around, and she was his pet for about two years before one day she went off to the Rainbow Bridge..... We all had the best time reading his posts about "Leftina" and what she was doing, and he shot photos of her frequently.
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