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the r senators
the co-conspirator voting 30% anti-intellectual minority
the fox kitchen cabinet

we learned during the impeachment hearings that the perfect call would not move these people to do what was right.

these same people will not be moved to do the right thing even with the perfect recording of trump saying he knew COVID-19 was spread through the air, and yet making pronouncements for months that it was all a democrats hoax and no need to wear masks.

these people are not just anti-intellectual, that would mean they have some kind of intellect themselves.
the 2016 operable word for them is still the operable word for them: deplorables.
these people are wretched human beings.

the polling data show trump is ahead with non-college degree white males.
but its not about institutional learning opportunities.
there is something more wrong at a basic, human level with these deplorables.

they are fed up with all traditional politicians - to the extent that they allow, condone, promote criminals and mentally ill people becoming president.

thank god we democrats still had/have (albeit a very very old white guy) a person who is obviously a very decent human being.
we would have stood no chance at all if we had warren, or kamala, as president nominees.
the only ballot issue is decency.

i think there is only 1 thing the polls are saying: that the american people have had enough of this incompetent guy they put into the white house 4 years ago.

the greatest insult to trump will be that he was a 1 time anomaly. and that barack was elected 2 times.
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