Russia Russia Russia - Bipartisan senate report details Russia’s efforts to meddle in 2016 - GOP to do nothing


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Republicans have thrown in the towel and are giving Donald Trump a blank check to do as much damage as he possibly can to our elections with zero oversight, encouraging him to continue.

According to ABC News, a new bipartisan report released by a Senate panel Tuesday outlines perhaps the most detailed accounting to date of Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election while accusing the White House and others close to President Donald Trump of refusing to cooperate with an investigation into whether the president’s campaign simply benefited or sought to aid Russia’s efforts.

The nearly-1,000 page report from the Senate Intelligence Committee, its fifth and final examination of a years-long effort to probe Russian meddling in 2016, describes several episodes in which Trump and members of his campaign were keen to accept Russia’s help -- and in some instances goes further than even former special counsel Robert Mueller in detailing ties between the campaign and Russian individuals.

However, like Mueller’s report released last year, the Senate committee does not allege any criminal conspiracy between Trump or members of his campaign and Russia.


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So there was all manner of communication to Russians from Trump campaigners but there's no there there and that's why odd occasions like, say... Helsinki... later on were just, uh... more or less undocumented.

Great. Got it. This and enough electricity to fry the veggies will put my stir fry on the table later tonight

A thousand page bipartisan report and the GOP can't decide to take a stand on it past well here it is, it's over. These willfully blind sods will make part of my brain crazy until the day I die.

I plan to spend a lot of time building a wall around this whole era of my experience pretty soon, so it doesn't destroy my otherwise strong interest in politics and global interactions. But I can't make head nor tail of why the Republican Party has allowed itself to end up at the mercy of this guy Trump. The downsides have been huge and even the upsides are tainted by overkill in the deregulation department. That and the corrosive corruption and equally corrosive style of Trump himself are costing the whole country, not just the Republican Party.

But the cost to the GOP itself seems almost irreparable to me. The party leaders are in a bubble and have no insight into the real impact of the choices they've made while Trump's been in office. The never Trumpers seem to think once he's out of office, things can return to "normal". Gonna be a rude awakening and rough times trying to relaunch, if you ask me.

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