Secretary of State’s wife uses federal employees as personal assistants


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They have emails to prove this too. She was asking federal employees to work the week of Christmas to mail out her personal Christmas cards to her friends.

Does the secretary get punished for this or the wife? Maybe both?

I believe the person investigating this was the one fired by Trump at Pompeo’s request. The corruption is 3rd-world dictatorship level. Every single senator that voted to acquit Trump of impeachment should never hold office again.


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I'm not sure why these jackasses do this kind of stuff. I seem to recall Carson's over-spending on furniture as well. I don't see how this kind of stuff can possibly be worth the potential blowback later on. The advantages conveyed by abuse of office don't seem like they would be enough to cover legal and/or travel expenses that may be incurred in the process of responding to inquiries over it.
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