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Heh, I actually had one of those once. A bro helping renovate my house on weekends unplugged my fridge around mid-morning Saturday and ran a heavy duty extension out the kitchen window next to the outlet so he could avoid having to run the cord from an outlet across the room where people might trip on it.

So when he was done outside fixing whatever it was, he unplugged his gear and took that to his truck, came back and coiled up the cord and threw it up through the open window into the kitchen.

Just then another bro drove in and parked, and the two got to talking and decided to go in his truck down to the general store for some hardware ,and then they got sandwiches and then they decided to drive into town to get some L-braces for the corners of a crap wooden screen door and then.... and then...

So meanwhile I arrive from downstate around 6 pm and nobody's there and so once I'm in the house I see the kitchen window open about a foot and a half and I think nice going boyz, the flies must be partying down somewhere by now and i got no flypaper... so I write that on a list and close the fricken window and then see the cord jumbled on the floor there and shrug and figure whatever, and I'm exhausted and hungry and I take my pizza and a six of of cold Diet Pepsi I had also imported straight into the living room and watch TV and from there to the shower and from there to bed...

So the next morning around 10am the bro shows up to continue renovation work and walks in the kitchen and I'm in there just thinking about a cuppa java and he says hey and I say hey want coffee and he says yeah you got milk and I say sure it's prolly still fresh and he steps across the room to the fridge and says OH SNAP....

In those days there wasn't much in the fridge to begin with, thanks god, as I was still a weekender. But the fridge was very very old too, so we threw out the leftover milk and chicken and refried beans and I actually went fridge-shopping, so a happy ending. At least the new one held cold in there for a lot longer when the power went out "one way or another"...
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