Social eugenics

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Out of respect for those who have said I sometimes put a title that distracts from the actual point and discussion that should be had, I'll just say this is largely a liberal thing.

I listened to a podcast episode on this topic that was inspired by a recent New York Times article on how now that the pandemic is coming to an end it's time to ditch your loser friends. It got so much heat that they actually removed the offensive content of the article.

The basic premise is if you want to be successful then you should surround yourself with successful people and by extension avoid or ditch anybody who isn't because they will be like an infectious disease keeping you from success. This would include alcoholics, drug addicts, and people with depression. The removed content also listed positive traits of people you should surround yourself with insinuating people who drink excessively, do drugs, or have depression couldn't possibly have those traits. Further down the rabbit hole it is also saying you better never get addicted or depressed because then you too should be shunned by successful society.

I'm sure this type thing also happens on the conservative side of the spectrum, but liberals tend to be a little more laser focused on self help and following a path. I know this isn't all liberals but I think this is a gaping exclusion from their acceptance doctrine, would sooner feel better about themselves going to a BLM protest then fielding another phone call from their insufferable depressed friend bringing them down and who they are personally unable to fix.

As we slide further and further down the poor mental health abyss I don't see how shutting out the less successful is going to make the world a better place.
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