Stealing The Election 101 (Fail)


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Maker of mediocre pillows declares that the theft of the election will be corrected by August and the rightfully-Orange leader will be restored to power.
I wonder which will get to court first, the Dominion suit against pillow dude, or pillow dude's suit against the election results.


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I just watched the old movie All the King's Men about the rise to power and corruption of a politician who became governor. There were some interesting analogies to Trump as the governor was impeached and then set out on a big publicity campaign to fight it. The narrator said that if you repeat a lie long enough people start to believe it. Also, when the state legislature was holding the impeachment trial, a caravan of supporters drove to the area and formed a large crowd outside the building. Sound familiar?


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the guy is a cop and expected to stay at mar a logo? or something?

Eye-Gouging Capitol Rioter in 'Shock' Over Detention With 'Inner-City Crimes' Inmates: Lawyer​

Webster, 54, is a retired New York City Police officer and former Marine who at times performed high-profile duties in his careerā€”including working perimeter security at City Hall and the New York mayoral residence, according to News 4.

Webster surrendered himself to the FBI on February 22, after he was accused of using a large metal pole to attack a Capitol police officer on January 6.
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