The death of neoliberalism?

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A lot to quote out of that article, but this stood out for me.

"There are hopeful signs. Just late last month, the Federal Reserve released a paper by Jeremy Rudd, a senior member of its own staff, which begins with the observation that “mainstream economics is replete with ideas that ‘everyone knows’ to be true, but that are actually arrant nonsense.”

Rudd also notes on page one that he is leaving aside in this paper “the deeper concern that the primary role of mainstream economics in our society is to provide apologetics for a criminally oppressive, unsustainable, and unjust social order.” There may well be more Jeremy Rudds out there, poised to spring from the shadows of the professional mainstream. This would be a most positive development. But I would also say that it’s about time."


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knee deep in the road apples of the 4 horsemen
Apparently Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has a thing to say that fits here,

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has said that businesses need to "stop asking why there is a labor shortage" and "start asking how we can make jobs better." … that workers were looking for jobs with better working conditions, pay, and benefits, per The Morning Call - and "that's not really asking a lot."

Some business owners and lawmakers have blamed the labor shortage on workers, saying that "no one wants to work anymore." …

Under an executive order Wolf signed on October 21, the state's labor department will post on its website a list of bad actors that violate labor laws, misclassify their workers, or fail to carry requisite workers' compensation insurance. The order also included other clauses related to paid sick leave and compliance with safety standards. Wolf is also seeking to raise the state's minimum wage.

Wolf: "It's time for us to bring worker protections and supports into the 21st century in the United States, and certainly here in Pennsylvania. … And that's how we support workers, that's how we entice them back to work after this pandemic."

Jennifer Berrier, PA Labor Secretary:
The American working class is demanding fair pay, paid time off and safe working conditions, … If we want a robust economy driven by the American worker, we must earn back their confidence and offer more than a meager paycheck. And that's why this isn't really a labor shortage at all - what we're actually seeing is a shortage of jobs that afford workers a future out of poverty.
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