The Emperion Nebulus: Smartphone Running Windows 10 on ARM


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Recently, a company called Emperion teased a new phone coming dubbed the "Nebulus." What makes it interesting is the device running Windows 10 on ARM instead of the now-defunct Windows 10 Mobile. The company also promises the ability to run Android apps, making it sound like a killer option for early adopters.

At some point in the future, the handset is set for pre-order for £549.00 (€658.96), which may increase by £50 for regular orders.

The company claims that they worked closely with Microsoft, and could not use Windows 10X as that was just for Intel processors. The handset was originally teased as an Intel phone last year, but it appears those plans fell away.

Emperion does not even have a website yet, so it is unclear how serious the effort is. For those who demand Windows 10 on a phone, however, it appears there may be an option soon.

Follow their Twitter account here.

Some of the information in this video is incorrect, so you might want to look at the official Emperion Twitter account instead.
You should take a look at this article after you've watched the video above.
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