The plane! The plane!

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(With apologies to Tattoo. 😄 )

In another sign that 45th President of the United States Donald Trump’s finances are not in such good shape, his famous 757 with his name emblazoned on it sits unused and in need of repair at a NY airport.

Sadly he’s having to make do with a Cessna that doesn’t have his name on the outside. Weep for the poor man.

He sure was OCD about that jumbo jet.

Trump lauded his plane. He was picky about who got to fly on it, where they would sit and how they could move about, says another frequent flier. None of the regular travelers were willing to speak on the record for fear of retribution.
Trump invited some journalists in Iowa aboard for an impromptu press conference -- then chastised them for almost messing up his baby.
"There's one guy very dangerous with that one camera. I'm talking and I'm watching that camera which is about this far from the ceiling, knowing that my day is going to be ruined if they ruin the ceiling," said Trump according to a Des Moines Register report.

Anyway, he’s got so much else to pay for coming due, he might not be able to afford the upkeep on his precious aerial behemoth.



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that thing has got to cost a fortune to maintain. just upkeep is about 9,000 a hour to fly it. Rudy is a bargain.
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