Toyota supports politicians who favour insurrections


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They did indeed 'reverse' it yesterday.

As to for how long is up for grabs. Invariably these 'reversals' seem to be very temporary.
There is a newsletter called “Popular Information” that focuses heavily on these corporate donations.

Of course, with the recent SCOTUS decision, all corporations might switch to other ways of contributing/lobbying that protect their identities. The court has decided to give people with a lot of money: a) unlimited power to use their money to advertise through PACs and b) protection from any consequences by allowing them to hide their donations. This is antithetical to democracy, and shows how far-right these ideologues truly are. They are wiping their butts with the constitution regularly (allegedly).

PS - What is more disgusting is that Justice Roberts used as his justification a case that protected members of the NAACP in the 50s (since they would likely have been lynched)... this guy keeps going to the “reverse racism” well over and over and over. He’s brought white supremacy back to America in a big way. If you want to see how big of a hypocrite he truly is, read some of his statements from his Senate confirmation hearings about how much he reveres precedent and not changing laws ("I’m an umpire” was the line - I guess he thought all us dumb bumpkins would buy that silly analogy)... then he proceeds to do things like completely erase the Voting Rights act, a law voted for almost unanimously. He is a stain on the court that will take decades, if not a century, to erase.
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Like all corporations, they donate to both sides of the coin so they can call in favors regardless. This is just a brief pause where they can shut off the autopay. I wouldn't read too much into this or get upset about it. The bigger issue is general corruption. Ultimately how they weigh in on this specific circumstance won't mean shit and it's not a moral loss/win for anybody. It's a blip in the status quo.
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