Unsung movers and shakers in Washington DC


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Well the Senate Parliamentarian is certainly one of DC's usually low profile rainmakers. I do know the holder of that job has a lot of power in making decisions on points of procedure, but I did not actually realize that he or she is also who decides which committee a new piece of legislation will go to first in the Senate.

Heh, and they say a liberal arts degree is useless these days? Current holder of the position is a lawyer but her undergraduate degree was in English Literature at the George Washington University.

This week, the mettle of Washington’s reconciliation experts will be newly tested. As Bloomberg’s Erik Wasson reported on Wednesday, the parliamentarian made it clear that Democrats’ second bite of the reconciliation apple will come with some caveats. In her ruling, MacDonough clarified that “to revise a budget resolution, such as the fiscal 2021 resolution used to pass the Covid-19 relief bill in March, the measure must go through committee and have floor amendment votes,” making a revision at least as arduous a task as drawing up a new budget from scratch. Moreover, MacDonough said, any budget revision would have to be justified on the basis of some “new economic downturn.”
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