What podcasts are you listening to?


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If this has already been asked, I apologize, but I did not see a thread about it in the Lifestyle & Culture subforum, so I figured I would ask.

Are there any long-term podcasts you've been listening to for years? Any more limited ones? What is your favorite podcast genre?

I've been listening to the New Yorker Radio Hour, This American Life, Radiolab, Fresh Air, and Lingthusiasm (podcast about linguistics and languages) for a long time.

I also listen to:

Citations Needed (about the media and politics)
Chapo Trap House (left wing political/social issues podcast)
Behind the Bastards (about nefarious historical figures)
You're Wrong About (about past events and media sensations that we might have misremembered)
Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell's podcast with a similar theme as the above)
Embrace Everything (a classical music podcast about Mahler's symphonies)
Blowback (a historical podcast covering the Iraq War in its first season and the Cuban Revolution in its second)

Anyone else an avid podcast listener? Have any to recommend?


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Judge John Hodgman - The PC guy dispenses justice.
Wait, Wait, don't tell me - NPR news comedy
You Made it Weird - I liked him better before he went back to religion

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If any of you are interested in a more intellectual, philosophical take on politics and conservatism vs. the left, I'd consider listening to a podcast I recently discovered called Know Your Enemy. It was contrasted favorably with Chapo Trap House in a recent New Yorker article (I like both podcasts; they're both quite different and serve different purposes, though they're both left-wing and offer critiques of the right, Know Your Enemy just doing so from a more intellectual position).

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Just discovered a new podcast: The Trojan Horse Affair, which documents a British scandal in which a forged letter supposedly revealed a Muslim plot to take over schools in Birmingham and indoctrinate children into Muslim ideology. Even though the letter was quickly debunked as fake, many Muslim teachers were fired and the Muslim community in Birmingham was stigmatized. Should be an interesting listen. :)
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