when a major political party begins to act like an adult (again); going forward


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prominent republican senators have mostly said that the american public has spoken, and they have directed a change at the president level.

that is the only reason why there will not be a major crisis in government now that trump has been voted out.

it should never be forgotten that trump was a stooge used by the republican party, for its right wing agenda.

every single one of the major republican senators hated trump.

yes, the symbol dictator is being removed.

but it is only with the approval of the republicans that he will actually be removed in an orderly way.

biden will need to guide from a centrist platform to get anything done.

will the senate actually approve the president/house strengthening ObamaCare? no they wont.

will the senate approve any of the nominees for any potential supreme court nominee. i bet they wont.

2024 D party needs to join together the battle fronts for both the economic underclass of whites and the on-going struggles of people of colour.
this will create a united, enlarged Party for the 99%.
2020 was about uniting minorities. (the educated minority + racial minorities)
2024 will be about how to attract the white vote.
a Bernie style party is needed to ignite this.
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We need unity agreed. But I'll warn you (not that you don't know already) that the Republicans have an agenda pushed from their base, it's based on religious extremism and racism, although they will stridently deny this. It's keeping the little people vested in the Country Club, like a promised future membership, that never materializes. But are the sheep smart enough to refuse their sheering? Don't know.

I will be very surprised if McConnell, if he ends up still in charge of the Senate, is able to change his stripes from his scorched earth for Republicans policies. It's possible he needs to be scorched personally before there is any hope of change. In the mean time, I predict it will be business as usual in Republican Congressional circles, fight fight fight, continue with wholesale deceit, and just like for Obama try to stop every Democrat initiative in it's tracks.
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