Where should we be?


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This is a hypothetical.

The premise is, something major happened. Maybe a bit of war and/or revolution and/or natural disaster. A great deal of damage and disorder. For the past twenty months, people have been struggling just to put a possum on the table for dinner. Now things are starting to stabilize and we can start considering how we want to proceed.

The great leader Engelsdorf Jones started to get some stuff done, but then there was that dramatic assassination. I mean, we think it was an assassination, but it was done well enough that it could have just been an accident. Though, those type of things rarely just happen. The point is, we are now leaderless, and it is up to us to try to form a just and stable country. Everything is essentially broken, so we are starting from scratch.

Please try to frame your ideas in a positive manner, as in "we should do it this way because of this here reason", not as in the old way was bad so we need to not do that.

I begin with land and property: you get to own land that you live on. You may get to own that shop or office that you go to every day to work. It ends there. You may not own that land way the hell somewhere else, that you might have been to one time. You do not get to own that cabin in Tensleep Canyon unless you are living there all the time, through the depths of winter and all. This principle I call on for the sake of community, that we should connect with our neighbors and not be struggling against people we have never even seen.

What policies do you propose for rebuilding from scratch? How much government, how much enterprise, what structures for social order, and so forth? Let us do it right this time.


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How far back should we go? Just to when we told George III to kiss off, or back to when it wasn't even about humans settling who was to run the table?

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