Yesterday was world lizard day

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I had one of these in my early 20's I got from a local pet store.

Flash forward to 2020. Wait no, go back to mine. The internet didn't exist, maybe AOL was just coming out. Therefor there wasn't the access to information we have now. If you were young, interested, it was at a pet store, and you could afford it you just got it. You asked some general advice and that was about it. There was no "Don't get unless you absolutely plan to do this, this, and this." Needless to say it didn't live very long.

Now flash flash forward to 2020. They are hard to find, banned from export from their native habitat (due to earlier pet trade exploitation), are expensive when you can buy one, and probably not in the best of shape. I saw a couple available at a reptile expo a few years bag and they were missing some toes which is quite common when you don't monitor their shedding. Not to be subjectively cold, but even in that less than great condition they were still asking $700 each.

I actually got bummed I didn't take care of mine as well as I should have, not for rarity or financial purposes, but for not providing the proper care and respect like I do now. One of the things that got my attention at the expo was they were just hanging out on a big branch on a table. No enclosure, the only animal at the expo displayed like that. That's just how they are. Super chill and hardy, no worries about them bolting or easily getting injured.
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