You know things are bad when Alex Jones comes across as a reasonable, logical man.


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Eh. Jones has his own closet, nay, five car garage full of paranoid claptrap. Although it is amusing watching one crazy person call another crazy person crazy.

Oh, definitely. For over a decade, he was considered an extreme that was annoying but mostly irrelevant. No one needed to pay attention to him and his website, because he went from talking about false flags to talking about aliens with the same seriousness, and I remember was fuming when I saw that Trump had legitimised him by giving him a press pass for the White House. And somehow, in just over two years, the lunatics have managed to not just out-crazy the man who sells literal snake oil on the internet, they have also become mainstream in the party.

It's terrifying.

That said, if there ever was a perfect thread to put in the Arkham section, it would be this once. Can you move it there, @Thomas Veil ?
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