President Trump is the “single largest driver” of coronavirus misinformation in the world: study


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I saw one story where an international organization of healthcare professionals complained about a (mis-)"infodemic".

(When I was a lad, acronyms were all the rage, but somehow we have transitioned to the period of the pervasive portmanteau.)


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Thump: Don’t be scared of COVID, look at me, I just rolled into Walter Reed and spent an easy million of tax payer dollars on my treatments, care, and security. What’s the big deal? (Paraphrased) 👀

The ten million people + who know the 1m+ dead are considering this statement and thinking what an ass hat. And he still wants you to think it’s just flu. This orange flavored Koolaid is especially delicious. Try some! 😈
Should this be categorized as Liar’n Chief, Self Serving Delusion, or his BIGGEST CON YET? You’ve got free tickets to the Donny Delinquent Show, don’t miss it!!

Trump is still comparing COVID-19 to the flu. But the coronavirus has already killed 3 times more people than flu does in a year.

  • President Trump tweeted on Tuesday that the coronavirus was "far less lethal" than the flu in most populations, adding that "sometimes over 100,000" people die from the flu.
  • Both claims are false: The most Americans who have ever died from the flu in one season is 61,000. The coronavirus' death rate in the US is also far higher than the flu's.
  • Facebook removed and Twitter flagged Trump's post for violating misinformation policies.
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