Gastrointestinal/Abdominal Preventative (Disease) Health Practices


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My wife just completed her second colonoscopy, two polyps removed, come back in 5 years. I’m due in October. Last time was 2014, at that time we drank the gallon of prescribed laxative Which was covered by insurance. This time our Doctor pushed a new product “Plenvu” where you drink 16oz of laxative two times, the day before the procedure. Of note it is relatively expensive and not covered by insurance. As a acknowledgment of this, they offer a coupon, that drops the price from $125, down to $50. But I noted that our doctor did not offer any other options and after he told me Trump was not that bad, I wonder if he is getting kickbacks from the drug company?? 👀

As far as the experience of drinking it, my wife says it was much more enjoyable to drink 16oz, the size of a large mug of coffee, than drinking down a gallon of foul tasting liquid.
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