Dozens of looters rush California Nordstrom store


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How would you even stop something like this.

Dozens of looters descended on a Nordstrom store and stole merchandise Saturday night in a raid that was over within a minute, police in Walnut Creek, California, said.

About 80 people rushed into the store in the city’s Broadway Plaza, a police spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that an employee was pepper-sprayed and that two others were punched and kicked. All three sustained minor injuries and were treated and released at the scene, the spokesperson said.

The suspects were in and out of the store, which was open at the time, within a minute, the spokesperson said, adding that an undetermined amount of merchandise was taken.

Jodi Hernandez, a reporter for NBC Bay Area, was near the store when the raid took place. She tweeted that about 25 cars blocked the street.

People in the cars rushed into the store and jumped back into their cars before they sped away with goods, she said.



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Black people, you're not helping us out here. Don't be the morons the racists hold up to support their simpleton views.


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SF Bay Area, CA
This “swarm” robbery happens regularly in the Bay Area and it’s been happening more lately. I remember first hearing about it in the context of teenagers swarming a BART train and swiping phones and laptops from riders.

Yes, the perps are almost always black. It is definitely organized and planned. It’s a very effective method of robbery. Not sure how you stop it.
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