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The Misty Mountains
In the 1960s Communist countries reeked of corruption and as far as I can tell they still do. But note the few socialist countries do not, at least that is my impression. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Capitalism is not immune having been corrupted extensively in the US from big corporate business to DC where we observe the GOP very busy corrupting themselves and by default the country.

All this business about political parties being all the same when directed at Democrats is simply not true. In 2017:

As the traditional GOP Congressional ranks were cleansed of normal, arguably somewhat respectable Conservatives, having standards, philosophy, and rules they actually believed in and followed, the GOP ranks ballooned with the real cream of the new Republican era, winners like Gomer, Gowdy, Gaetz, Delay, Cruz, (many more) who either arrived as off the rails raving pseudo-conservatives, or were more than willing to morph into Be like Donny (McConnell and Graham) when the opportunity presented itself.

And as the GOP has become more predominant, we were becoming more like Russia, ie more corrupt. Their party was invaded by low caliber characters using the Republican label, Tea Party, self serving billionaires (Koch Brothers, although it can be argued what billionaire is not self serving :oops:, some are better then others), White Supremicists, Religious and Gun Zealots, and the big takeover, by the King of Inept, Incompetent, Lying, Sociopath Conmen, more than willing to flush our Democracy down the tubes.

But in their fantasy world, where down is up and bad is good, he’s good enough for the huge Basket of Deplorables, Red Hats entrenched in the GOP who represent a breakdown, a falling down, or simply breaking bad, destroying the GOP of the 1960s, 1000% more self serving and exclusive, less tolerant than before (if that’s possible), because of me, me, MEEEE, not We, definitely not We>Me.

Democratic ideas and social programs, maybe hated, but by far the Democrats will follow rules of their making much more so than on the GOP where standards, professed beliefs and theology are only to be used for advantage, such as claiming fiscal responsibility (ha ha) until they are perceived to no longer provide an advantage, then it‘s **** the rules and *** you too! 🤔
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