Energizer Bunny Joke


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I don't know where to put this; open for suggestions and/or moving it.

Energizer Bunny got arrested.
What happened?
He got charged with battery
They had to put him in a Duracell, 'cause he's so strong.
Because he's so tiny, all they could dress him in was a pair of shorts. So here he is discharging in his Duracell, but he's still locked up. Got him all confused.
So he tried meditating... Ohmmm. But there was too much resistance, so he couldn't get through. Poor Bunny...
They finally ran him through a battery of tests and found he was bi-polar, like a sine wave. He would eat all of the carrots he brought him, and they couldn't keep up, so they had to bring him Rabbit Food instead, and he got depressed. Too much RF interference.
They finally rectified things; they put him on lithium. Also, to re-energize him, they fed him current jam on toast.
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