Pasco Country (Florida) an early indication on election night


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Like most of you, im wondering how i can get a indication from all the words that will be spoken in the endless numbers and analyses on Tuesday night.

I don't know how many people saw this from Morning Joe.
Joe knows the Gulf Coast mentality having grown up there and served as a Congressman from there.

he says that since Pasco Country will be a way to have an early election night indication how things are going.

Pasco county is a red county. it will stay red in 2020.
but the degree of the inroads that Biden might be able to make in this county makes it a good indicator.

here are the numbers i will use as a quick check:

if D Biden/Harris gets <42% then it could mean that trump base is holding strong in general
if D Biden/Harris get between 42% - 45% then its an indication that it might generally be a good one for the D although it might be tight.
if D Biden/Harris gets >45% then it could mean a sweep for D in all/most true swing states

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