Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax Fraud, D.A. Says for First Time


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It was just a matter of time, if he loses he may be bombarded with these investigations.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has been locked in a yearlong legal battle with President Trump over obtaining his tax returns, suggested for the first time in a court filing on Monday that it had grounds to investigate him and his businesses for tax fraud.

The filing by the office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., offered rare insight into the office’s investigation of the president and his business dealings, which began more than two years ago.

Mr. Vance, a Democrat, has never revealed the scope of his office’s criminal inquiry, citing grand jury secrecy. The investigation has been stalled by the fight over a subpoena that the office issued in August 2019 for eight years of the president’s tax returns.

Lawyers for Mr. Trump have said the subpoena should be blocked, calling it “wildly overbroad” and politically motivated. Mr. Vance responded to that argument in a carefully worded new filing that did not directly accuse Mr. Trump or any of his businesses or associates of wrongdoing and took pains to avoid disclosing details about the inquiry.


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It was just a matter of time, if he loses he may be bombarded with these investigations.

Now, that's more like it.


I look forward to hearing the fatuous and downright silly justifications for not proceeding with this that his witless and wilfully blind base (including in The Other Place) will attempt to put forward.

When Mr Trump announced four years ago that he could commit murder - well, I believe he said "I could kill someone" - in broad daylight in New York and still be elected, I thought this the hyperbole of an arrogant, complacent, entitled, man, someone entirely lacking in dignity, decorum or taste.

That, rather than deploring this statement, or distancing themselves from it, his supporters thought this was hilarious - and Mr Trump himself, who notoriously lacks a sense of humour, considered it no more than a simple statement of fact - does not detract from the depressing fact that subsequent events have shown this to have been all too true.

There is nothing - no lie large enough, tradition traduced or trashed, law broken, ally insulted, crime committed, - that Mr Trump could not do, which his supporters would not cheer.
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