A Pox On All Of Your Houses: The Cult of Trump


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Right, so, I always like to look into motivation, and IF we assume they're not under some kind of alien mind control, and IF we know, they know better, then WTSF[?]

I listened to the CNN call in with Drumph the other day, about computers, and how we should just "Get rid of them ...", and he sounded like a drunk, crazy old man (worse than usual), he's not some kind of manipulative mastermind, the people around him are motivated by something else.

It has to be some kind of "deal" with "trump's handlers", i.e., keep promoting this idea and we'll have complete control over the old man, we can tap into his reserves, redirect funding from his fuckwit followers into our accounts, he'll be sitting in the corner of a care facility before the end of 2021, we'll pin everything on him and/or possibly a threat of not continuing this sham by the peripheral players so the real inner circle can do the aforementioned.

Yeah he could very well be losing his mental faculties. The guy is old, and he has treated his body like shit for decades. His close allies know better, as you mention. I'm just surprised that his followers buy into that shit. They might not be particularly bright, but that shouldn't make much of what Trump says seem plausible. Strangely, in the other place, no matter how many times I or someone else mentions the problem with various "evidence", random idiots still ask why it was never investigated. I can never tell whether they're trolling, dumb, or just hate Democrats and don't care if any of it is true.


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This part of the piece you cited pretty much makes the point, and is interesting particularly since the Echelon Insights pollsters are Republicans.

But this masks how much his power has declined from its peak. Polls conducted before Election Day in 2020 regularly showed that more Republicans said they were supporters of Trump than they were of the GOP. Echelon Insights, a GOP polling firm, found in October that 59 percent of Republicans said they were Trump acolytes first, compared with only 30 percent who favored the party first. The firm’s May poll, however, found that Republicans were equally split between backing the former president and the party. A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows the same trend. The same poll in September found 53 percent of Republicans saying they were Trump backers first compared with 37 percent who were primarily party backers. By April 2021, party backers led Trump supporters among Republicans by a 50-to-44 margin. Trump is still strong, but his standing is falling, not rising.
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