Is child tax credit welfare for the middle class (and above)?

Chew Toy McCoy

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Interesting viewpoint. I also recently rewatched a Doug Stanhope standup bit where he was talking about people complaining about their tax dollars paying for services for immigrants and he asked how about his tax dollars paying for other people’s kids. Should he pull up a chase lounger and wave a flag just because the kid is an American? Maybe he should get a second job to help support other people’s kids. The bit is pretty old and obviously predates this tax credit, but still rings true for this situation.

I‘m usually for whatever will help people get ahead, but it appears we’re relying on government (our taxes) more and more because we (some of us) think it’s just too much to expect the "job creators" to pay more because that would cost them profit. For some reason we don’t think they should create a business model where paying people well takes any kind of priority. It’s almost like it’s little more than a utility bill that constantly needs to be examined on how you can reduce that cost.

I think the minimum wage should be raised but I don’t think that alone is going to cut it. Although this can’t be enforced, I don’t really see things improving much unless employers make it a point and take pride in their employees have a good quality of life. I know people on the right will rush to the bottom with "even the fast food employee?!" but there are many levels above that where people are struggling. At what level should people be able to live comfortably Without government assistance?
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