It’s The Freak’n 21st Century, Let’s Revamp Our Voting Infastructure!


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We do practically everything important in our lives electronically- concert tickets, communication, subscription, our bank accounts, stock market trades, interacting regarding many issues with the Federal and State Governments online. Is there any reason we rely on an archaic mechanism to record our vote, standing in line for 1hr+ and in most cases to cast our vote electronically anyway. Sure insist on an iron clad network security, but let’s make this happen!

Regarding absentee/mail-in ballots, we lived in a State, Minnesota for 28 years that allowed vote by mail, No Questions Asked or qualifiers. Why make it difficult? And why on Earth would Americans try to suppress the vote in a country we pride ourselves about being leading edge regarding freedom, democracy, equal and civil rights?

You know why, yes?

In some corners it is believed that the demographics who vote for Democrats are more effected by restrictions on voting. Reduce voting locations and early voting, require a State issued picture ID, and other strategies, like politically motivated re-districting.* It is perceived, and I think rightfully so, that the easier it is to vote, the harder it is for Republicans to win elections.

* Both political parties have done this. Districts need to be drawn by neutral bipartisan panels based on logical boundaries, not by the party in power for political advantage.

So let’s do it, make voting easy or at least easier! 🇺🇲

Trump just comes out and says it: The GOP is hurt when it’s easier to vote



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the problem is each state each county chooses how they do it. so it is pretty much impossible to make it better overall.
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