Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’


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I’m a navy veteran (got out in 2001) and I’ve long doubted that the majority of military members support Trump.

Going by the polls, roughly 25% of the military seems to love him. 20% has no opinion. The majority seem to loathe him.

Considering the military does tend to skew conservative, that a Republican president is currently polling underwater should be considered a nigh prodigious event. The only silver lining for them is that he's still polling slightly higher than Obama was at his lowest point.

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I wonder...this guy down my street who has a Trump flag flying proudly on his house? One of his sons is a nice kid who was something of a screw-up as a boy but has grown up to be a very polite young man. He really righted himself.

That son went into the Navy last fall. I wonder how my neighbor feels knowing his son is a "sucker".

Were I more of an asshole, I would ask him.

Wow, that’s hitting pretty hard for the Dems but they've no choice with Trump. Bill Maher is going to love this. Many times he’s accused the Dems of not fighting to win.

And that's how his two dimensional thinking works. Everything is winning or losing. There is no "I left it all out there on the field." There is no "Ask what you can do for your country."

Of that video, one of the articles I saw mentioned that quote, "What was in it for them?" They said that it Trump's mindset. Everything is transactional. They opined that Trump has no concept, literally no concept of things like heroism, the greater good, or self-sacrifice. Because nothing's in it for them.
Trump simply has no way of processing something like that.

BTW I'd have loved to have seen Maher's take on that. It would have been epic. Alas, he's off this week.

Oh yeah, that doesn't look bad at all. 🙄

It's a pleasure to see her boss give her something that even she cannot lie her way out of.


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An unlikely shift as they're typically Republican but the shift has been dramatic. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at least supports our troops and their sacrifices, Trump is out on an island with this one and nobody's going to defend it.
Defend it? No. Lie about it? Oh yeah, they’re all over that.


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here is a partial, verbatim (therefore, since its trump its a lot of non-sequitur, non-grammatical phrases) transcript of what trump said when he got off plane to reporters to try to deny what was reported:

And anybody that — if the — if they really exist, if people really exist that would have said that, they’re low-lives and they’re liars. And I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. There is nobody that respects them more. So I just think it’s a horrible, horrible thing.

We made a great evening into, frankly, a very sad evening, when I see a statement like that. No animal, nobody — what animal would say such a thing.

a phrase like "not even an animal would say such a thing" is an interesting expression.
"no animal, nobody — what animal would say such a thing."

i have never heard of a person saying "only an animal" would say that.
i have heard of someone saying "only an animal would do that".
but making it into a verbal expression of an animal saying something, that i have never heard.

in any event.
he has again projected very clearly.
he's right.
only an an animal would have said it.

does anyone know when military mail in balloting starts or has it already started?
certainly hope it hasn't started before this.
of course now we can predict that plane loads of overseas military mail ballots will be left undelivered.

full White House press announcement:
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